Tuesday, 24 April 2012

john digweed weekly tracklistings at transitionscues.info

those of you who may be following John Digweed's "Tranisitions" weekly radio programme can find very useful related information at the following site:

Transitions Cues

not only are the complete tracklistings provided and verified, but my good friend tosk (from Norway) also writes cue sheets for weekly mixes that you can download for free.

for example, if you want to listen to last Friday's "Transitions", from this particular entry on his site, you can google the following to find the mp3 scene release:


..and then download his cue files from the same entry.. which will show all the complete track names from the 2 single file scene release recordings in your player.

he also makes cue files for other weekly mixes from respectable electronic labels such as Buzzin Fly, Diynamic, Plastic City, Poker Flat etc.